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August 12th 2021 MCLE Luncheon via Zoom — David M. Majchrzak

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David M. MajchrzakWe are very pleased to have as our speaker for this event, 

David M. Majchrzak, of Klinedinst PC
Presenting:  LAWYER ETHICS: Using Social Media; Surviving Co-counsel Relationships; and Looking Ahead
Thursday, August 12, 2021 at 12:00 pm
Zoom meeting


Mr. Majchrzak will address multiple subjects, to include:

Lawyers’ use of Social Media:
  • How are you using Social Media – where and what are you posting?
  • Are you communicating improperly under the applicable rules? (i.e., Rule 4.2 re communications with represented persons; Rule 7.1, and Bus.& Prof. 6106 re truthfulness in statements; Rule 1.6, and Bus. & Prof. 6068(e) re confidentiality);
  • Are you adequately informed as to how your clients are using Social Media?
  • Defending Your Reputation – Reviews are Nothing New; and Common Negative Reviews;
  • Scope of Permissible Responses, and Considerations for Potential Responses;
  • Getting Positive Social Media Reviews – When and how they are harmful to Lawyers;
  • Additional Ethical Considerations – Confidentiality; Evidence Code section 958; and the Duty of Loyalty
Co-counsel relationships:
  • Separate engagement agreements with client, and client consent to any fee-sharing agreement;
  • Communications with the client, and with co-counsel
  • Beware of co-counsel conflicts;
  • Allocation of responsibilities
  • Considerations for potentially limiting scope of representation
  • Client agreement
  • Handling fee disputes after the matter is done
Looking Ahead:
  • Paraprofessional programs, and the Regulatory Sandbox; Rule 5.5


The program will provide 1.0 hour ETHICS MCLE credit, and we hope that all of you will attend.