La Jolla Bar Association (LJBA) membershipBenefits of Membership

  • Develop ties to La Jolla’s heritage and community
  • Network with other La Jolla attorneys
  • Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider
  • Numerous social functions and events throughout the year
  • Individual Attorney Page on LJBA Website Attorney Finder
  • Members Only Area access on LJBA Website

Fellowship And Collegiality

The La Jolla Bar Association was formed with the intention to provide La Jolla lawyers a monthly opportunity to meet each other socially, in order to develop a sense of professional fellowship in our small community.  We have found that this translates into a comfortable camaraderie when we encounter each other at monthly lunches, on the sidewalks, in depositions and in the courtroom.

Knowing your colleagues in a setting other than a formal one leads to increased trust and comfort in an already-too-stressful profession — one often unfortunately dominated by competition and posturing.  Defensive responses are often the result of NOT having interaction in other than a formal professional setting.  On the contrary, seeing one’s fellow members informally, yet in the structure of monthly MCLE luncheons, the Summer Beach Party and the Holiday Party, fosters “fellowship” because we share parts of our lives other than just the professional part. Most of us want this, and the LJBA provides the forum for it.

Each of us has unique talents and the LJBA allows other members to more appreciate the lives of our colleagues that support those talents, and as well to share our own lives.  From “fellowship,” “friendship” can grow, and it often does.

Requirements for Membership

To join the La Jolla Bar Association, you must be:

  • An attorney
  • In good standing
  • Either reside or maintain an office for the practice of law in La Jolla or the Golden Triangle.


Application for Membership

Please fill out and submit the La Jolla Bar Association Membership Application to apply for membership. Please remit payment of your annual dues in the amount of $75 by mailing a check made payable to “La Jolla Bar Association” to: 

P.O. Box 1831
La Jolla, CA  92038