The La Jolla Bar Association was formed in 1984 to provide a professional association for lawyers who practice or live in La Jolla, California. Within a few years of its founding, the membership requirements were broadened to include lawyers who maintain an office or reside in the San Diego Golden Triangle area in addition to the village of La Jolla itself.

La Jolla - Aerial Photo by Rafael Rivera, www.rafaelstdio.com
Aerial Photo by Rafael Rivera

Who Is LJBA?

La Jolla Bar Association is comprised of lawyers from a number of La Jolla law firms, including several specialized or boutique firms, and a large number of sole practitioners.  Among their clients, these lawyers represent many local businesses and residents of La Jolla and of many other locations as well. The association is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation formed in accordance with Section 501 (c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Continuing Education

Continuing EducationBecause of the unique venue that the village of La Jolla provides, La Jolla Bar Association has developed a collegiality among its members that remains a hallmark of the organization.  Several members have been active in the La Jolla Town Council; others in many other local organizations. Its monthly meetings and other key events are advertised in the local La Jolla newspaper, the La Jolla Light. The association is a Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) provider certified as such by the State Bar of California.  The association conducts monthly luncheon meetings covering a wide range of legal topics, including the mandatory ethics, bias and substance abuse MCLE areas required by the State Bar.

Social Functions

Our monthly luncheons are held on the second Thursday of each month, except in August and December, which are the months reserved for the association’s annual summer beach party in August and the annual holiday party in December, to both of which family members are also invited. The monthly luncheons are held at Hennessey’s Tavern on Herschel Avenue in downtown La Jolla.

The summer beach parties are held at the beautiful La Jolla Beach & Tennis ClubLa Jolla Beach and Tennis Club through the sponsorship of those association members who are also members of that Club. The annual holiday party is held at a venue in San Diego. At the annual holiday party, the members provide support for local charities such as the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Drive. Active duty U.S. Marine Corps representatives are often invited to the holiday event to receive toys donated by the members.  As is typical with many organizations in the San Diego area, La Jolla Bar Association has several members who served with the military in a wide range of capacities.

For a list of the current officers and directors, along with a list of past presidents, click here.