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Get Ready for the July MCLE Luncheon, with Tara R. Burd & Kimberly Swierenga, presenting: “The Challenges of Aging: Elder Abuse and Preventative Estate Planning“

Please calendar our next MCLE “lunchtime” program for Thursday July 9th at 12:00 noon, via Zoom meeting. We are very pleased to have attorneys Tara R. Burd & Kimberly Swierenga as our speakers for July, giving joint presentation of “The Challenges of Aging: Elder Abuse and Preventative Estate Planning.”

Nearly every person suffers some level of cognitive decline or impairment eventually. For most individuals, the process is gradual and there is a rarely a bright line to alarm friends or family that some guidance or oversight may be necessary for their loved one. This presentation will address common forms of financial elder abuse, and ways in which comprehensive estate planning can help to prevent it.

Read more about this upcoming event, here.


Looking back at the June MCLE Luncheon, with Ana M. Sambold — via Zoom, presenting “Online Mediation: What You Need to Know.

We were pleased to have Ana M. Sambold, principal of Sambold Law, Mediation & Arbitration, as our June speaker, presenting ‘Online Mediation: What You Need to Know.”

Ms. Sambold provided a comprehensive summary of the practical and ethical issues to take into consideration when participating in online mediations. Specific tips and information on privacy, confidentiality and more will be covered, to ensure that advocates are well informed and comfortable with the online setting for mediation of disputes.

Read more about this past event, here.