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Get Ready for the November 10th MCLE Zoom Luncheon, with Robert A. Schapiro

Thursday, November 10, 2022
12 pm — Zoom meeting

Robert A. Schapiro

We are very pleased to have Robert A. Schapiro, Dean and  C. Hugh Friedman Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law, as our speaker for this event, presenting: “Two Momentous Terms: United States Supreme Court Review and Update” to include discussion of:  

  • Historic decisions of the 2021-2022 Supreme Court Term on abortion, gun rights, and religion, among other issues;  and
  • Upcoming cases with potentially broad impact relating to affirmative action, elections, and LGBTQ rights, among other topics

To read more about the upcoming November 10th event, please click here.


Looking Back at the October 13th MCLE Zoom Luncheon, with Gordon D. Cruse, CFLS, Gordon D. Cruse, APLC

Thursday, October 13, 2022
12 pm — Zoom meeting

Gordon D. Cruse, CFLS, Gordon D. Cruse, APLC

We were very pleased to have Gordon D. Cruse, CFLSGordon D. Cruse, APLC, return to present our members with additional and updated information about DIGITAL DATA – The Future of Evidence and How Technology Impacts our Practice, including:

  • Electronically Stored Information (ESI) – What is ESI?; Where is it located, and in what forms do you find it?; How do you obtain it from the source?; What are your responsibilities and duties relative to handling ESI?
  • Examples of Law Practice Problems regarding ESI – Avoiding Practice Nightmares; and related information
  • Where is E-Discovery Headed – What Does the Future Look Like for Attorneys and their clients?
  • Now that you have obtained it, How Do You Get ESI into Evidence?  
  • Takeaways and Handouts regarding ESI Discovery

To read more about the past October 13th event, please click here.