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Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE)

Please visit our Events Page for information on the MCLE luncheons featuring our guest speakers.

The La Jolla Bar Association (LJBA) is an approved MCLE provider. Monthly MCLE luncheons for its members are held on the second Thursday of each month, except in August and December, which are reserved for the LJBA Summer Beach Party and the LJBA Holiday Party, respectively. The MCLE luncheons are currently held at… Read More


Searching For An Attorney

Having an attorney to consult and advise you can make an enormous difference in your personal as well as business life. Finding an attorney, however, can be a trying challenge.  Our LJBA Attorney Finder is a useful tool that allows you to search for attorneys by area of expertise or keyword.  You’ll be able to see details regarding our members’ education, experience, special certifications and other key qualifying information to assist you in making your important selection.


Fellowship & Collegiality

The La Jolla Bar Association was formed with the intention to provide La Jolla lawyers a monthly opportunity to meet each other socially, in order to develop a sense of professional fellowship in our small community.

We have found that this translates into a comfortable camaraderie when we encounter each other at monthly lunches, on the sidewalks, in depositions and in the courtroom.  Knowing your colleagues in a setting other than a formal one leads to…Read More


Membership Standards

The La Jolla Bar Association (LJBA) consists of attorneys in good standing with the State Bar of California (or any other state in which the attorney is licensed), who maintain an office or reside in La Jolla, including the Golden Triangle.

In addition, the board of the LJBA may entertain membership applications from lawyers in good standing, who may have a unique relationship with La Jolla or businesses or activities in the La Jolla area.




A Recap of July’s MCLE Luncheon

On Thursday, July 13, 2017 at noon, we were pleased to have attorney David C. Carr as our speaker, who drew on his 30+ years experience in the areas of legal ethics and the “law of lawyering” (attorney discipline defense;  bar admissions and reinstatement; attorney professional responsibility; law office management; and legal ethics advice) in presenting “Competence Issues” – to include interactive discussion of such topics as: Relevant Rules of Professional Conduct on Competence and Communication; Distinctions Between Malpractice and Discipline Standards; Interplay with Law Office Management Issues… to READ MORE, please click here.


A Recap of June’s MCLE Luncheon

During our June 8, 2017 luncheon, we were pleased to welcome Lesa Christenson, APC, a founding partner of the law firm of Ashworth, Blanchet & Christenson, LLP, also known as ABC Family Law. Lesa is a Certified Family Law Specialist. Lesa gave an outstanding presentation on “What Every Lawyer Should Know About Family Law.” Lesa discussed the main issues in Family Court, including such issues as termination of marital status; child custody and child support; spousal support; property and debt characterization (community property vs. separate property); and attorney’s fees.

Lesa also reviewed the various stages of the marital dissolution action: the initial pleadings; requests for interim orders; declaration of disclosure documents; discovery; settlement negotiations; and marital settlement agreement (if the case settles; and trial (if the case doesn’t settle; and post-judgment matters.

There were very interesting questions and answers during and after the presentation covering matters such as trusts, estate planning , property transfers, and the important difference between “dissolution” and “legal separation.” Lesa also provided an excellent handout.

Click here for more information about this lecture, including topics that were presented.



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