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Message From Edward P. Schlesier, LJBA 2013 President

Edward P. Schleiser

Dear La Jolla Bar Association Members:

One of the priorities of our officers and board of directors this year has been to upgrade our website.  A strong and relevant website is extremely useful to both members and prospective members.  Through our upgraded website, we can better publicize the fine MCLE programs our Speakers Committee.

On behalf of the Board, we are particularly grateful for the hard work and input of our web designer, Edward A. Sanchez of Brass Ring Multimedia.  Mr. Sanchez has redesigned our website to make it more useful to both members and prospective members.

The website’s content will continue to need updates and your contribution is encouraged.  The personal information on each “member page” should be accurate, so please check and recheck your information and submit any corrections to George Hurley, our Secretary, at ghurley@cwclarkinc.com.  (You can also use the contact form on the “Members Only Page.”) Your personal photo (in JPEG format) is also desired to bring “life” to our website.

The State Bar has recently announced its MCLE audit team will be auditing roughly 79,000 members in the coming year.  By attending our monthly MCLE programs (10 programs per year), our members should easily meet the State Bar’s 25-hour requirement every three years.  We work hard to make sure our programs also include the mandatory programs on ethics, bias and substance abuse.  Our MCLE luncheons, held at the Manhattan Restaurant in the Empress Hotel on Fay Avenue, bring together our members in a convenient and collegial environment. For a yearly membership fee of only $50, this is quite a bargain — and, as shown on the list of MCLE programs completed this year and scheduled for the upcoming months, the topics are extremely timely, interesting and valuable to all our members.  I welcome your input and suggestions for future programs.

It is my goal to expand our membership with quality members.  I encourage you to invite prospective members to our MCLE luncheons and feel free to direct them to our website for more information about the La Jolla Bar Association.  For the remainder of 2013, new members can join for $50, which will be applied toward 2014 membership.  Membership for the rest of 2013 is free!

In addition to our professional endeavors as attorneys, the website also highlights unique or special  activities of some of our members.  The current feature on Abbey Stephenson’s work to raise $50,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is an inspirational feature with a deep, personal meaning for Abbey.  I encourage you to submit similar stories which are appropriate to feature on the website The website also includes selected publications from members.  Should you wish to have a publication written by you considered for addition to the website, please feel free to submit it.

The La Jolla Bar Association hosts two great social events each year.

  • The Summer Beach Party, to be held at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club on Friday, August 9, 2013 starting at 4:30 p.m., brings together members and their families for a late afternoon party and social gathering during the beautiful sunset hours at the La JollaShores.
  • In December, our Holiday Party brings members together in a festive setting to share the joys of the holiday season.  This year our Holiday party will be held at the La JollaCommunity Center on Friday evening, December 13, 2013.  A flier will be publicized with further details.  At the Holiday party, we also elect the officers and open director seats for the upcoming year.

It is my desire to expand the breadth of members in leadership roles for our association, so I encourage you to get involved.  The time constraints are not overly demanding and the rewards in improving the La Jolla legal community through collaboration and mutual support are immeasurable.

Best regards,

Edward P. Schlesier
LJBA 2013 President